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Since 1993, ALPHA has been Syria’s leading pharmaceutical company in terms of size, production, and sale

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The Factory

Alpha's production site is located on a 60,000 sq. m. land in Aleppo. The site is composed of seven independent factories which were all designed, built and equipped according to cGMP requirements and regulations.

Factory A:

Contains the following production facilities:
- Tablet department equipped to produce: tablets, vaginal tablets, effervescent tablet, film coated and sugar coated tablets, enteric-coated tablets and chewable tablets.
- Syrup and oral suspension department.
- Capsule department.
- Cream and ointment department.

Factory B:

Completely insulated and isolated. This factory is equipped to produce different kinds of penicillin:
- Sterile dry powder vials.
- Capsules.
- Tablets.
- Dry powder suspension for oral suspension solution.

Factory C:

A specialized factory for the production of cephalosporins.
It contains the following departments:
- Dry powder for oral suspension.
- Capsules.
- Sterile dry powder cephalosporin vials.

Factory D:

Ampoule filling and inspection.

Factory E:

Prefilled Disposable Syringes.

Factory F:

Liquid sterile vials.

Factory G:

Ophthalmic sterile drops.

The Water Station:

Our water station handles all purification and sterility processes for all production areas through computerized control panels. All of the activities of the water station are guided by the latest cGMP standards and quality measures.

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