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ALPHA is the first Syrian pharmaceutical company to manufacture and distribute high-quality and under-license products from some of the world's leading European pharmaceutical companies.

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About Alpha

Incorporated in 1990, ALPHA was the first Syrian company to manufacture and distribute high-quality pharmaceuticals according to cGMP requirements and regulations.

Since 1993, ALPHA has been Syria’s leading pharmaceutical company in terms of size, production, and sales.

ALPHA's activities include manufacturing, promoting, and distributing over one hundred and fifty pharmaceutical specialties in various countries.

Since 1992, ALPHA has been manufacturing and distributing under-license products from some of the world's leading European pharmaceutical companies.

We constantly expand our product line by establishing new collaborations with multinational pharmaceutical companies.

In 1993, ALPHA became Syria's first pharmaceutical company to have a highly trained Quality Assurance Department. We were also the first to be registered as a quality assured firm through the achievement of:
Certificate of international standards ISO 9001
Certificate of international environmental standards 14001
Certificate of international occupational health and safety assessment OHSAS 18001
All are given and certified by S.G.S Yarsley ,England.

ALPHA also has one of the most sophisticated water treatment facilities and HVAC units in the region.

Our Quality Control labs and R&D departments are also the most advanced in Syria, featuring highly skilled technical teams of scientists and researchers.

With over 120 medical representatives (physicians and pharmacists), continuously educated and trained, we aim to provide extensive and superior service to the health care community. The close affiliation with the medical community has always been a vital cornerstone of our success.

ALPHA also manages scientific offices and sales teams in various other countries in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and North Africa.

Currently, ALPHA is considered by the Syrian Ministry of Health to be the largest and most complete pharmaceutical producer in Syria.

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